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4 thoughts on “Property Taxes

  1. Shantala

    Thats nuts! why on earth is your little house in victoria in a newspaper for Regina!? I am dreading paying our property tax! EWWWWW At least we don’t have to pay it until July 1st! yay


  2. Keri-Lyn

    Hey Chels.. That’s hilarious, how in the world did that happen, did they pay you to use the pic.. Ha, congrats, that’s pretty neat.. See, you obviously take beautiful pics, even of houses!! Miss you Chels, can’t wait to see you soon… Luv ya sis!


  3. Alicia

    I hope they paid you for the picture. I know why they chose the picture, you can’t find anything that pretty in Regina, hahaha. I will have to tell my in-laws they will laugh that they have a picture of a house in Victoria for an ad in Regina.


  4. kelli

    for a second my crazy brain tricked me when i saw your house and regina and i thought you were going to move here. and in that split second my heart fluttered with joy but also anger because i was reading about it on your blog. then that moment ended and i realized what the blog was really about. my brain and my heart both want you to move back. i am hoping that is enough to convince you to come home.


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