Tomorrow I’m going to Vancouver, by myself, to shoot a wedding.  I’m a little nervous about this adventure, but I’ll be okay. 


Only 6 weeks until the family reunion in June.


Yesterday the librarian called me.  I had put a hold on a cookbook called “rebar”.  It is a restaurant here in Victoria that serves modern food.  It all looks very yummy.  I love the library.


Me llamo Chelsey.  I am learning Spanish.  I don’t know enough spanish to say “I am learning Spanish” in Spanish”. 


It is getting warm here.


I was very surprised that Whitney won America’s Next Top Model.  Yay for “full-figured” girls!  Now who’s going to win American Idol?


Okay I don’t know much else.  Talk to you when I get back from Van.


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4 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Jaime

    Hey Chelsey… I was just over here the other day, catching up on how you guys have been. I think the things you’re getting to do with photography are great, and I like reading what you have to say in general. And I’m happy about your new house. : D

    Hmm… a website. I’ve looked at them, but I’m not sure I’m going to pursue making a business of it yet… Hard to know if it’s worth advertising? After the summer I’ll know more one way or the other. And that will be nice.

    Good luck with the wedding! The two that I’ve done actually turned out to be more fun than I thought they’d be. Heh, something about adrenaline. : P

    Travel safe.


  2. Shantala

    I looooove the rebar cookbook. So many good recipes. Most of which are quite easy, and with minimal ingredients.

    I am currently drowning in boxes. Our little place looks a bit forlorn!

    Good luck with your photo shoot! have a good long weekend!


  3. Suzanne

    Hi Chelsey,

    We have met before in Victoria at Brent and Elise’s and at church and I am married to Malcolm. Anyway, I just looked at your website and LOVE your pictures! You are so talented and I am excited for you that your business is doing so well. I wish I lived close to you so you could take photos of my kids. Blessings to you in your work.

    Suzanne McMillan

    Oh! The pictures of your little girl are so cute! She is adorable!


  4. Leah

    chelse! i had no idea Whitney won ANTM! now i have no reason to finish watching the series…you know how it is in a foreign country when everything is a few months behind….;)
    miss you guys!


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