Honestly, honesty.

I’m trying to make a comeback.  On the blog that is.  You will notice that this is my third post in three days. 

But I can think of some other places in my life that could use a comeback. 

My sewing hobby, for one.  Months ago I told Joan Mann that I wanted to help Zambia from my home since God isn’t telling me that I can go there anytime soon, and I decided I could sew cloth diapers and receiving blankets.  She brought me a ton of fabric and it is just sitting in my closet, waiting for me to get out my thimbles.  You should probably say thimbles out loud right now.  It might make you smile.

Another one would be my Beth Moore Believing God study.  I posted about that a while back.  It is supposed to be this 10 week study, and I started in October.  The last time I studied was before Christmas.  It is now April.  And Beth is just waiting in here little video box to yell all these positive and encouraging things at me.  I bet Pete is glad that I haven’t made a comeback at this yet, because he doesn’t really appreciate her yelling.  But it’s good yelling.

Oh, and I used to be pretty good at documenting my life in a journal.  When I was at my mom’s house I found some old diaries from when I was a kid and geez louise, was I boy crazy.  In the same sentence I once said, “I love [insert boy’s name here] and I like [insert boy’s name here]”.  I can’t put the real names in there because of the Facebook phenomenon… I have no idea who from my past may be reading it, and then they would know who I loved and liked and that would be just like so embarassing because what if those boys didn’t like or love me back?  Anyway, my journal has been good for a laugh, but also very encouraging to see how I’ve grown and to see God’s hand in my life where I may not have seen it before (one example, me not marrying either one of those boys, despite practicing in my notebook “Mrs. Chelsey [insert boy’s last name here]”.)

My list could go on, but I’m noticing a connection between the three that I mentioned… they all have to do with God.  What I can do for God, how I can learn about God/experience God, and God’s work in my life.  And lately, I feel like I really need a comeback to my relationship with God.  I think I’ve been on a bit of a vacation away from God, or at least in my head I have been.  In my head I’ve taken a plane somewhere really far away from God and I can’t really see Him or hear him.  In reality, it’s more like me across the room from God, ignoring Him as he’s sitting there looking right at me, waiting for me to make eye contact so he can say something, but I’m just completing tasks, doing things or doing nothing and forgetting all about Him.  Until bedtime.  Then I remember, oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to pray.  Okay, I’ll pray now.  Then I pray until my mind wanders and I try to bring it back and then I pray again and then it wanders and I eventually fall asleep.  How rude is that? 

Somewhere in the past few months God went from getting my firstfruits to getting whatever is left over at the end of the day… which isn’t much!

So I’m going to try and make a comeback with God.

And it starts with getting honest.

Talk to you tomorrow (since I’m on a blog comeback).

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3 thoughts on “Honestly, honesty.

  1. kelli

    spring time. time for a new blog layout. and spiritual rebirth. maybe that shouldn’t be designated to spring time. but sometimes it goes that way. i love that you are blogging more. it makes me happy to read your words and be encouraged by them. you are amazing. love you lots and lots. xo


  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Holy Moly Roly….another blog!
    I feel the same as Kelli.
    Very encouraging Chels, thanks, I’m sure we all needed to hear that!


  3. Joylyn

    It is so easy to get lost in everything and completely lose track of what your focus should be. Especially the waiting until bed time. Im a sucker for that, so dont worry chels your not the only one feeling this way because i am trying to work on it too! It was great chatting tonight. I miss you tons. And i cant wait to see you. Love you sis!


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