Tuesday Morning

I smell like coffee. 

I have this aroma about me, it just follows me wherever I am going.  And it’s coffee.  Really strong coffee.

I went to The Parsonage Cafe today with my friend Mary.  It is this cozy little cafe tucked away on North Park Street where all the scones and baking are hand made right there and the coffee is fairly traded.  It had a very down-to-earth atmosphere which made it out of this world!  (Haha, that was kind of cheesy but I wanted to say it just for fun, you know me and my cheap/bad jokes).  Anyway, I liked it.  Mary and I both decided to try this drink called “Sparrow’s Dream”.  I thought that sounded lovely.  It’s like a London Fog, but with Jasmine Tea and a couple of different flavours.  It is very light and delicious.

We caught up on life, Mary and I, and laughed as Eva chattered even louder than we did.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. marilyn

    Hey there Chelsey…. there is nothing I like better then the smell of coffee brewing… in fact I like coffee so much… coffee ice cream, coffee crisps, chocolate coffee beans… I’m there. If there was such a thing as coffee “perfume” I’d be sure to be soaked in it!
    I love all the new photo sessions you been doing lately…. lovely!! got to fly idol is coming on!!
    take care, Love as always, Aunty Marilyn


  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Eva is becoming the little chatter box and I love it! What a girl. I don’t need to say anything about coffee because you already know my story and it’s not guilt free!


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