Since we all love blogging these days, tomorrow I am expecting several gridblogs on the topic: “The Key to Happiness”.

 Jessie already has a head start on us. 

If you don’t know what a gridblog is, it just means that a bunch of people write about the same topic on the same day.  Or something like that.  We try for the same day but sometimes it’s more like in the same week.

So… Tim, John, Jeremy, Nic, Jason… how come this is all guys?  TRINDA, come on you can write one.  Jen.  Do you think Doug will make it out for this?  Maybe Kori & Lisa.  Ooh, Carly, come on, I know you have it in you.  And there are more of you out there just itching, I know it.  Dave


Okay.  So.  Let the gridblog begin.

Okay, that’s it.  For real.

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One thought on “Gridblog

  1. John

    I’ll do it. But it’ll have to be tomorrow (Sat)


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