I’m baaaaaaaaaack.  Our internet went on a little vacation this past week, but it has decided to quit being a lazy bum and start working again, which means I am able to write on here and post pictures, etc.

To be honest with you, I am really wishing for more comments per blog.  I know you are out there.  Many of you have let me know that you quietly read my blog.  But I like comments.  They are fun.  And encouraging.  So maybe you could try?

So let’s talk.  This is what I’ve been up to.  Today I went to church and it was my turn to read.  I got all jello-y and I still feel kind of jello-y and Martin gave me such a honker of a scripture to read that I thought I might faint right in the middle of reading it, that’s how jello-y I was.  Vivian said she’s surprised that I would feel nervous about that, but it’s true, I feel nervous about public speaking.  But I make myself do it anyway.  Martin talked about the poor today and I have to say I was very encouraged to get out there and do all that I can with all that I have anywhere I can for as long as I can or however the John Wesley quote goes.

This past week of babysitting was not as good as the week before.  Twins are difficult!

Yesterday I set up my studio light and tested it out.  I definitely liked it.  It was fun.  Eva is getting harder to photograph.  She just wanted to play with the backdrop and get the cords for my light. 

I finished reading Anne Lamott’s “Traveling Mercies”.  Sorry Blair, I dropped it in the tub.  The book survived, but I’ll repay you somehow.  Who am I kidding, Blair doesn’t read blogs anymore.

I decided I am going to write many many poems and be a mom, poet, photographer extraordinaire.

I am very excited about Jeremy & Jocelyn’s wedding in December.  And their engagement sesh which should be happening sometime in the near future.  SPREAD THE WORD!  If you know someone who’s getting married or having babies or in love or graduating or families that want some sweet portraits, tell them about me!  And my website: http://www.chelseyrobertsphotography.com I am up for travelling too!

Anyway, beyond the small talk of what’s new in my life, if you’re still reading then you’re likely a true friend.  Waiting to hear about something deeper.  Last time I wrote I mentioned God changing things in my heart.  I shared my story in front of everyone at RESTLESS a few Sunday’s ago and it was so refreshing to do something that I knew God wanted me to do even though it scared me and I didn’t exactly completely totally want to.  I feel like God is connecting me to that joy and passion that I had when I first came to know Him, he’s pushing me out of my comfort zone, He’s leading me to do things that are a little scary, He’s teaching me to say yes, and best of all, I can hear Him again.  I was re-reading my journal from a year and a half ago and I said “My worst nightmare has come true.  I am a ‘Sunday-morning-Christian’.  I just go through the motions.”  Now just because I felt that way doesn’t mean that it’s completely true because part of me thinks maybe God has some big plans going on (Eva, for one) that I wasn’t aware of and he was giving me rest, not letting me get committed to too many things.  But I feel like he is releasing me of that and reconnecting me with the things that make my heart dance, things that are for Him.  Things that are for people in need. 

It feels good, in a scary, yikes, I might throw up, but totally worth it, roller coaster kind of way.

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12 thoughts on “Okay

  1. Trista

    we’re out here – still quietly reaading. i enjoy reading your blog Chelsey, you are a fabulous writer. I’ll admit I spent a lot of time looking at your pictures. I am in awe of your talent.


  2. Jill

    hey chelsey. i love reading your blog. you have a way with words, and often have such great insight into things.

    your pictures are fabulous. i enjoy looking through them. if i end up in victoria for a couple months next summer like i am hoping, i may need to hire you for an afternoon photo shoot, because i have always thought that would be fun. and eva – well, she’s pretty much the cutest little thing that i’ve ever seen. i adore her little cheeks!


  3. Marilyn Dixon

    Hey Chels,
    I am so excited for you… you have some many dreams, and are really working towards making them come true!! I look forward to reading some of your poems and I am sure you have a children’s book or two floating around in your head.
    Keep up the fantastic work. Your photos are awesome…. I am hoping some day that you will be taking some special pictures of one of your cousins… I think she has found the ONE!! But you didn’t hear that from me… ha ha.
    Take care, love to you all,
    Auntie Marilyn


  4. kelli

    i love you and miss you.


  5. Vivian

    Hey Chels, You know I am always out here quietly reading and totally enjoying your writing. Just to clarify “Vivian said she’s surprised that I (emphasis on the I) would feel nervous about that”, because you never appear to be nervous. You always do such a good job!


  6. Ellen McMillan

    When I first started doing a bit of public speaking, I actually shook so hard I could hardly stand and my words came out like jello. However, after many years and much experience in leading small things I can now lead a group or give a presentation at least not shaking!! So stay with it and you will soon be on your way to feeling more comfortable with it. You r little one is so precious and I love your honesty and faith. Love Ellen


  7. Monica

    I love looking at your pics, you inspire me both with your photos and with your faith. While I’ve never actually met you yet, I feel like I know you! Oh, and Eva looks like such a sweetheart!


  8. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I love the way you write, both with the words you use and the honesty you write them with. You are an amazing young woman and I love you very much!


  9. Leah&Craig

    man – you must be a momma! cause when you ask for something – you get it! look at all the comments. are you fun-ned and encouraged? you should be! we miss you guys!


  10. Erin Philps

    Chels – I’m so encouraged by your honesty! This is my first visit to your blog and I just wanted you to know that I am really encouraged and inspired by your resolve to push your boundaries and honour God! He will surely reward your obedience ;)


  11. Trinda

    Ok, girl you are seriously GENIUS!!! I love the way you write your feelings, and take pictures in a unique way!! You are my inspiration…sigh. I wish we lived closer some days! You rock, God bless. I am so excited for you with all your endeavors, you will be and are fabulous!


  12. blair

    hey sucker. i’m still hear. i just lurk.


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