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So you think you’re on a roll. All it takes is mentioning that roll to stop the roll from rolling. I was on a couple of days blogging hiatus, but I’m back to let you know what’s shaking.

Peter and I took Eva over to the Mann’s organic garden for a little photo shoot that I had been dreaming up since Graham’s 30th birthday party. Go to flickr to check my faves out.

I leave on Friday to go to Alberta. It is also my birthday. Yippee! I like birthdays.

Tonight was the first night of Youth Group. It was a blast.

And. I’m tired. I’ve been babysitting and this week has been MUCH tougher than last week. Now I get a week off. If only that happened every month. The only bad part is that when I get back it will probably be like starting over again. He will think he has seen the last of me and before he knows it he will be back.

Annnnnnnnyway. Time for bed. I bid you goodnight (goodnight) goodnight (goodnight) goodnight (that’s for you Martin if you still read this!)

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  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Can’t wait til you two get here!!


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