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I just got back from doing a FriendSpeak session with my new friend from Korea.  How did you meet this new friend from Korea? you may wonder.  Well the truth is, it’s a God thing.  Just one of those things.  It’s obvious.

In the past year there has been some talk about LST and FriendSpeak at Shelbourne Street, but it just hasn’t really happened.  I guess the timing has just not been right.  But it was on my heart again this fall so I sent an e-mail to Martin asking him what he thought about it.  Only about three days later did my new friend from Korea walk into our church looking for study and looking to improve her English.  VOILA.  We met, we talked, and it was awesome!

I feel so refreshed.  I have been praying about needing to put myself into something outward, something to really focus on, and put my heart into.  I just love discussing the Book of Luke with people who have never read it before, or have never put too much thought into it.  I love watching them as God makes revelations to them, as they connect their life to the story.  It is amazing.

If you get the chance, you should do it too.  Talk to me if you want to know how to get involved.

(Oh and guess what!  Party of Five is back on Vision.  Yessss.)

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    Wonderful Chels!


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