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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Hurt So Good

I’m in one of those moods where every interaction seems like the most beautiful thing to have ever occurred.  It is at times like these that I want to write forever.  Everything I see is poetry.  Everything I hear is music.  The world seems to be exactly as it should be.  I feel great joy […]

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Boi oh boi.

I can already feel my nerves clattering.  My limbs are starting to feel like spaghetti.  And it’s still over 24 hours away.  24 hours until I tell my story about Jesus to everyone and anyone who is at 3460 Shelbourne Street tomorrow at 7PM.  When I think about it, I don’t really feel like telling […]

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I’m here in Saskatchewan.  The Prairies greeted me like an old friend, one where your relationship picks up right where it left off.  It feels good to be back; I’m looking forward to a road trip through Southeast Saskatchewan with my Grandma.  I hope she lets me stop and take pictures.  We arrived last night.  […]

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in Sylvan Lake.  We are having a blast!  It has been so much fun watching the girls together.  I am sad that the night is already over… I am here for such a short time.  The flight was good and Eva travelled well on the highway, and though she really loves puppies she doesn’t like […]

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New pics

thoughtful, originally uploaded by chelseydroberts. So you think you’re on a roll. All it takes is mentioning that roll to stop the roll from rolling. I was on a couple of days blogging hiatus, but I’m back to let you know what’s shaking. Peter and I took Eva over to the Mann’s organic garden for […]

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The blog is HOT these days! I just got back from doing a FriendSpeak session with my new friend from Korea.  How did you meet this new friend from Korea? you may wonder.  Well the truth is, it’s a God thing.  Just one of those things.  It’s obvious. In the past year there has been […]

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A Prayer

I have been reading through my journal and I was inspired by this prayer from July 21, 2006.  I thought you might be too so I wanted to share it. “God…   Good morning.  You have given us another beautiful day that shouts your glory.  I want to live this day shouting your glory, just […]

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So this is the new year…

Well, unlike Ben Gibbard while writing a song for Transatlanticism… I do feel different.  If you have no idea what that last sentence even means, go to your local record store (these days, and pick up Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie.  It’s the first song. As I was saying, now that the New […]

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It’s September now.  Back to school time.  Leave changing colour time.  Most people are done their vacations now and are back.  Programs start up again.  Things get rolling.  New pencils.  Chalk on the chalkboard.  Back to the grind.  Crisp air.  September has always felt more like the “New Year” than the actual new year.  Maybe […]

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