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5 thoughts on “Photo Geeks

  1. Kamara

    come visit. when do you get here?
    let’s hang.
    tea party or something at my new place.


  2. marnie

    love that you blogged about this great occasion.


  3. Cody

    Once upon a time, at 10:00 pm Wednesday night I pushed refresh for the 43rd time on the Nikon website to find THE two greatest camera’s to have ever existed. Holding back tears and energetic bursts of excitement I perused the most anticipated pages on the internet since Google itself. Enough big words though, all I have to say is that I’ve preorder the D300 and have had a hard time sleeping since then because all I can hear when I close me eyes at night is the sound of a shutter firing at 8 frames per second and looking at them on a 3 inch high definition screen. Man do I love cameras, especially ones that begin with N and end in i-k-o-n.

    The D300. Chelsey, do it, you know you wanna…


  4. marnie

    whoever that cody fellow is, i like him.


  5. Mom & Grandma Kim

    me too marnie.


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