Love is in the air…

With the excitement of Graham & Erin’s wedding buzzing all around me I can safely say that this is an awesome time.  I just walked over to the farm and the tents are pitched, decorations hung, and people are moving everywhere.  The weather has been very nice lately too and people seem to be pretty happy about that.  The promise of summer adds to the excitement.

 Eva is 5 months old today.  Think back 5 months, what were you doing on Christmas Day?  Christmas seems like it was a long time ago.  A lot has happened in my life and especially in Eva’s in the past 5 months.  She is very goofy now.  She has the biggest smile that is so bright it could light up the darkest of rooms.  She wants to be moving so badly, she has started to try and pull herself along.

Photoshop CS3 arrived in the mail today.  I installed it and have it up and running, but I find myself just staring.  It’s a little overwhelming.

I’m just trying to get comfortable saying “I am a photographer.”  I’d better get used to it, since I’m starting a business in 6 months time.  Eva had some pictures taken today at SEARS.  They really try to rip you off.  I won my session for free, that’s the only reason I went.  I’m not going to be that kind of photographer.  Graham & Erin have been so kind as to allow me to assist their wedding photographer.  It’s nice; I get the experience, but not the pressure.  I get to do this again in July for Cintia and Jason.  And of course, busy photographing all the babies at church.   When am I going to take pictures of YOU?

Weddings, summer, Eva, photoshop, new career paths… what’s going on in your life?

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5 thoughts on “Love is in the air…

  1. marnie

    missing you, thats whats goin’ on.
    also. going to bed, waking up at 430, working, and repeating. i see you soon though, so i’m grateful for that.

    you are a photographer.
    you are a photographer.
    you are a photographer!

    and a realz good one at that. keep it up. i’ll show you some photoshop skills when i visit maybe, that is, if you havent already self-taught yourself the whole program by then.


  2. Keri

    Hey Chels. Sounds exciting and busy, so happy for you.. I wanna see some more pictures of you all, I miss you guys so much…. Talk to you soon, happy birthday EVA!


  3. Cody

    Check out,
    There videos are the best I have found.

    They have good stuff too.


  4. Auntie Marilyn

    Chelsey, I love your photos and still want copies of some of them. We are hopefully finally gonna get high speed in the next few months so then I can cruise around your photo site and let you know which ones I can’t live without. I will be sending out a group mailing letter soon to you all to let you know what has been happening at “the BEAR” lately along with some photos of our grandson Darrian and new grand daughter Kendra. Take care of you and yours. Eva is such a doll. Hope to meet her in person soon.
    Much love,
    Auntie Marilyn


  5. Dixie

    Hey did you know that you’re starting to sound like a photographer? What I mean is that you sound like a person who knows how to market herself in a professional way, and that’s an important quality in an “entrepreneur” such as yourself : )
    Here’s a project suggestion for July: be there when the Bodacious Babes for Breast Cancer make their historical ride into Victoria, take some of your “signature” thought-provoking shots, and sell them to various motorcycle and/or charitable publications.
    (Oh, and bring Pete and Eva; I may need a few hugs)


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