This almost never happens…

Today I gave a second chance to a pair of pants (didn’t mean to rhyme) that didn’t fit a couple of weeks ago. 

 Two weeks ago, they didn’t fit.
Today: they did.

 And as if that wasn’t enough, I put my hands in the pockets, and I found a 5-dollar-bill. 

Aw yea.

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3 thoughts on “This almost never happens…

  1. Auntie Keri

    Congrats Chels. That is super exciting.. Both that you fit in your pants and especially that 5 dollars, that is a pretty good deal..!:) you could mail it to me if you don’t want it:)


  2. Mom (Kim)

    Hats off to you young lady! What a wonderful day for you Chels! Life is good!


  3. Alexis



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