The Baby Whisperer

Well, friends, I’ve come to a decision.

I’m giving up “The Baby Whisperer”.

Have any of you read that book?

If the Baby Whisperer works for you, that is great. It just doesn’t work for me. It only messed me up. Shook my confidence. Stole away my joy. And for some reason, I kept returning to its methods like an abused puppy… sure that I could make it work, confident that The Baby Whisperer was the ultimate authority.

I have since decided against it. I will no longer refer to it. And I will not recommend it. I am not going to force Eva to fit into some Western routine. I am not going to deny her needs to make things more convenient for myself. I am holding her when she needs holding, rocking her when she needs rocking, feeding her when she needs feeding, and putting her down when it is time to put her down. I am trusting in my instincts. I have never met any adults that still need to be rocked to sleep or still need to be held by their parents. Until just very recently there were no “baby books” to learn from. And everyone lived.

Dr. Sears asks, “if babies can’t have needs, then who can?” Our babies are only our babies for so long. I’m not saying I’m going in the total opposite direction and that I’m going to spoil her and give into everything that she wants. But seriously. She’s 2 months old.

Since I decided to relinquish the BW, Eva and I have been living in harmony together. I have felt so happy being a mother. I can’t stop giving her little kisses and telling her how much I love her.

But we miss Daddy, who is away skiing this weekend.

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8 thoughts on “The Baby Whisperer

  1. kristen

    good for you! books schmooks i say ;) you hold that cute little 2 month old girl cuz soon she’ll be squirming and resisting like nobody’s business.


  2. Smale Family

    Amen sister, I am glad you got rid of that book, because ultimately you know what Eva needs better than a book. You needed to find this out yourself though and I am glad you did Chelsey. Enjoy every moment with that precious little bundle.


  3. Tim

    good for you chels – I think you’re right. I actually swallowed the dr sears baby book completely and we eventually had to make some tough choices with Elijah, you might have to some day too – but now isn’t the time to worry about it. You’ll figure it out when it comes, and you are the one to make the decision, and Eva will be just fine. I think that a fair of it has a lot to do with that old fashioned statement “but for the grace of God go I” anyway…


  4. Joylyn

    hey chels
    I know you will do an amazing job without the help of any books. You and Pete will. when it comes down to it the books dont have all the answers and you will know whats right. People went for years raising their kids without books, like back in my parents day..haha. But im proud of you and i miss you!!..Love you


  5. Hannah

    Chelsea, I haven’t seen you in forever again…hahaha…and I can’t keep up with your blogs. I can’t keep up with anyone’s blog. Not even my own. I feel like I’m dying…but thats probably cause I just got over food poisening. NOt fun. I would have suggested we hang out this weekend since your alone. But considering how sick I was and its only be a day since I feel better its probably not wise to have my infested body around eva’s. Hahaha…anyways…I miss you!


  6. Anonymous

    Good for you Sweetheart!
    I bet Pete is missing you and Eva too….
    Love Mom


  7. Anonymous

    thank goodness! we put enough pressure on ourselves as parents, we don’t need the baby whisperer putting even more on. like i said in a previous comment, you and pete know what’s best for eva not an author of a book. here in yk the nurses put a lot of pressure on breast feeding. although i did breastfeed both girls and wanted to i didn’t appreciate the pressure to do so. sure it’s good for your baby but i was breastfed, benj wasn’t and i think he is a lot healthier than i am so go figure…like you said i highly doubt you will be rocking eva at 16 yrs old! ridiculous dr. sears!


  8. kelli

    it’s just like reba said – ‘only you know what’s right for your baby’. see, red heads are so smart. that’s why you should rejoice that eva is turning into one. love you. xo


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