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8 thoughts on “eva sleeps in her swing!

  1. Anonymous

    swings rock!! we very much enjoyed our swing.


  2. Keri M. Valdez

    we must have tired her out last week if she’s sleeping in the swing:) that’s great..


  3. Merlin

    She’s so big already!!!
    very fast growing kid.
    and very beautiful!
    Have a great week!
    love, merlin


  4. Keri M. Valdez

    hey chels.. make sure you check your email.. that peter and chelsey one at hotmail.. .. okay.. thanks.. Talk to you soon!


  5. Anonymous

    What a Beautiful Beautiful little girl.. thanx for the updates.. She is growing up so fast
    With Love and Prayer Bobbi xoxo


  6. Anonymous

    Hey Chelsey!

    I just happened to be reading the Gazette from Carnduff and saw that you are married and have a baby! By chance while on Kristen’s Blog I found yours! I have spent a bit of time reading about what is going on in your world….. Congratulations!!!!!!! You have an absolutely beautiful family! You are a beautiful writer, it’s awesome reading your blogs and seeing your pictures. I will continue to watch to see more pictures of the adorable Eva!! Congrats again on the marriage and the motherhood!!!!

    Thinking of you and yours,
    Trista Goertz


  7. Anonymous

    What a darling she is!
    Love Grandma Kim


  8. Anonymous

    Hey Pete and Chels!!! We miss you lots and think about you often. I am sorry for the difficulties of sleeplessness. Sometimes it gets better, and sometimes it doesn’t (take Braelee, for example…three and still not a great sleeper). I think she’s the exception, not the rule. I could sure relate to your feelings about giving yourself 24/7 and the difficulty of that sometimes. It is hard. Rewarding, but hard. We love you so very much and love seeing that BEAUTIFUL girl of yours. I can’t wait to meet her some day!
    Love, Michelle


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