We love grandparents!

Well, it’s official.

I am now a stay-at-home Mom.

I had my first day yesterday. Up until yesterday we had a couple of sets of grandparents visiting and helping. And before that, Pete was at home with me. So yesterday was my first official day of being a stay-at-home Mom. You know how first days go. Whenever I start new jobs, the first days are always filled with mixed emotions. Some moments I think I’ll like the job, other times I’m thinking of walking out.

I felt some of those mixed emotions yesterday. Of course it must be said that I love being a mom, I’m sure you already knew that. But yesterday brought many-a-doubt of my capability, the future, how to handle things, should she be allowed to drink pop, how do I get her to sleep on her own, will she love me?

Eva (prononced ee-va) didn’t have such a great day yesterday. I’m pretty sure she misses all of her grandparents. And her daddy. She had an upset tummy and would hardly sleep.

Later in the evening she slept and I cried while I held her, memorizing her little face, thinking of how she is going to grow into a woman and thinking of how she is truly a gift. It was a moment. I was also watching “World Trade Center” so that didn’t help the range in emotions.

Anyway, today is day two of being a SAHM. Little things like being able to go to the bathroom or get yourself some lunch get put off until you have met the needs of your child. Today I put Eva down in her playpen so I could do a little task, and now she is completely asleep.

She did it all by herself.

She’s practically a genius.

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11 thoughts on “We love grandparents!

  1. Jessie

    “She’s practically a genius”
    you are too cute chelsey…almost as cute as that little one.
    i don’t doubt your capabilities as a mother one little bit…thank you for being so open and honest with us during this really emotional time in your life…YOU are also truly a gift.

    p.s. say no to the pop…haha.


  2. Smale Family

    Chelsey, I too appreciate your openness, and you will never stop having those doubts even when they are grown up and having children of their own. Every day will get easier for both of you. Enjoy your time at home with her while you can. They can be very precious moments.


  3. Anonymous

    Yes, Chelsey…thanks for being so open. The smale family is right, as you “never stop having doubts even when they are grown up and having children of their own”.
    You are an awesome Mom! Eva is a gift and truly precious. You are a gift and truly precious!
    Love Mom in Estevan


  4. Anonymous

    Congrats chels on your first couple days as a stay at home mom. I don’t understand those emotions, but I can imagine. You are going to be an amazing mom, and I am sure you are an amazing mom already. I love you and Pete so much and know God will be with you two as you raise this child.. You are two great people, who can only raise a great child.. Love, Keri


  5. xblairx

    hey chels,
    we can’t wait to see you guys someday in the future.

    keep up that whole her falling asleep on her own thing. it gets a little complicated if they don’t. makena is a real party animal. most nights we are waiting up for her to go to bed.

    love you guys.


  6. Trinda

    Well you will be, No wait..you are a great mother. I wouldn’t doubt your capabilities if I were you!! You have a great strength. But I understand the raging of horomones post partum…aaaaaa. You are great. Eva is a lucky girl. Oh ps. oval drops are great for little upset tummies. We used them for our kids..Wonderful stuff.


  7. Hannah

    Hey chels, k since I haven’t really gotten to visit with you since your precious little one was born I have a few things I’m going to spill on this comment.

    First: We all missssssssed you a lot a lot at youth group tonight! There is like a huge whole! No good.

    Second: I miss hanging with you! Which you already know! So now that you don’t have so many grandparents around I definitly want to come for a visit when your not busy!

    Thirdly: Last but not LEAST by any means. Definitely say no to pop! I thought it said pot when I read it….say no to that stuff too…but anyways…also I think your mom rocks. She’s cool.

    So I think that about does it with everything! Love you lots!


  8. Anonymous

    awwwww hannah….thanks so much! I love you! I feel the same about you!
    Chelsey’s Mom


  9. John and Angie

    Psst. We changed our blog address.


    Pass it on,

    John and Ang


  10. charity

    Hi Chelsey.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I enjoy reading your stories and looking at your pictures.
    Congratulations on a beautiful girl!
    You and Peter will be great parents.
    Charity (from Winnipeg)


  11. xblairx

    are you guys still alive?


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