Oh, honey honey


Before I got pregnant, I was looking into how to cut back on refined sugars. Then a couple of weeks ago when I thought that I might have diabetes, I started looking into it again. I found this report on CBC.ca and thought that I’d share it with you. A lot of you probably don’t care, but this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Besides, Tim does it all the time ;)

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5 thoughts on “Oh, honey honey

  1. Tami

    ok so are we going sugar free or what? we can take a 30 day challenge. :)


  2. Jessie

    thanks for posting this chels..it was interesting to me.


  3. Timhttp://www.wyattsworld.wordpress.com

    good linkage Chels – I went and read it – have been trying to kill pop in my diet for a while now, still not completely successful but we don’t have it in our house anymore. I justify it for night shifts though… also strange to think of the whole thing when you have to worry about your own kid – that isn’t a problem for the first while, but now we are teaching Elijah how to eat, and I don’t want him to make the choices I do!


  4. Merlinhttp://www.xanga.com/Merlin86

    you are so amazing! That’s way I miss you(both)! Looking these pictures make me think more about you and the time what we haven’t had to spend it just for chatting… I hope God will give me this kind of time someday. Love you!


  5. Anonymous

    Enthralling stuff Chels.

    I switched to honey in my coffee months ago and we only buy organic peanut butter now. Plus I only drink Non Concentrated real OJ and water. Yup. I pretty much rock.



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