7 days in a week

Okay, I’m feeling bloggy.

So, means has now come and gone. It was a really quick visit this time, but I stayed up way too late with them and Pete on Monday night watching a super old means2anend and goodsampark show (the one at a church in Weyburn with Stereotrap). Earlier that evening we met up with Marnie at 1415 Broad Street to catch means live and Peter and I were talking about how wierd it is to go to shows when you don’t know anyone there. The music community in Regina is so connected. I’m sure it is here too, but it’s hard to break into a clique. Anyway we were surprised to see Bretton and Jordan and Eric there, it felt like being in Regina again.

Tuesday I had to go sit in the medical lab for three hours getting tested for gestational diabetes. I had my screening test last Saturday and flunked it, so I had to go through the real test and I am still waiting for results. And trying to eat sugar-free of course.

Wednesday and Thursday flew by, Youth & Young Adults, lots of conversation and lots of soul searching. Friday was a party with the Youth, a bunch of them were dressed up and I felt like a party pooper because I had forgotten about the party and my fairy wings broke and by the time I rememebered the party it was too late to get a costume because I was so busy. So I was just Chelsey, scaring people with my usual-ness.

On Saturday Pete went hunting with Kirk & Jeremy and I hung out with Crystal and Hannah. In the morning we hung out at Central Baptist Church, helping out with a breakfast that they put on and then we prayed and hung out and hatched some great plans (well actually God hatched them, but we finally just realized them in our hearts) for some things we could do to help others in need. Then we ate tacos and watched Elizabethtown. I was tired all day. So I went to bed early and the time changed and I couldn’t sleep in past 7.

So that brings us to Sunday, I went to church and before it started I hung out with Levi (Brent & Elise’s) in the nursery and visited with my friend Sandy and her baby Grace. I borrowed “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction” by Eugene Peterson from Martin. We sang and sang and the whole church was bopping today. Seriously. Then I took pictures of a bunch of the families from church and then we went to Romeo’s at Broadmead with Brent, Elise, Levi and their friend Chris.

So now you are updated in the crazy-busy life that I lead.

Spiritually now, I’ve been wrestling with some issues lately, about what I’m doing with my life, about what God wants me to do with my life. God keeps bringing up “the least of these” and I keep trying to figure out what I can do to express God’s love to them. My way of doing that is to keep praying about it and taking small steps to see where God is leading me. In some ways I feel like Noah because God asked him to build an ark and that must have looked pretty crazy to every one around him and I keep thinking about the homeless and those who need so much and a lot of people seem to think I’m kind of crazy for feeling so strongly about it. I say they seem to think that, I don’t know that they actually do.

I met this guy named Thane on Saturday and he was saying how he spent a whole winter in New Brunswick outside in -57 degree weather. He kept saying how there were all these really wealthy people around and a bunch of churches and they all knew that he was there and no one took him in or got him shelter. He kept saying how the God that they were worshipping couldn’t be the same God that he knew because he knew that God was supposed to be love and love would’ve taken him in and gotten him warm. He kept saying that our beliefs are proven by our actions.

It was pretty convicting.

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4 thoughts on “7 days in a week

  1. .jeremy.

    im sorry you had to watch that show from weyburn. the best part was the helmet. or maybe nic’s cameo.
    anyway. good thoughts! nice to hear some more from the west coast! im flying over your heads in a few weeks. too bad we couldnt meet up. will you head east at all during the xmas break time?


  2. Anonymous

    Hey, you don’t know me, but I stumbled across your blog, and if you’re looking for a way in Victoria to help “the least of these” you could look into volunteering at Sanctuary Youth Centre, a drop in centre for street youth that meets in the basement of the Church of Our Lord. Check out http://www.sanctuaryyouth.org/index.html for more info. Perhaps that’s where God is leading you.


  3. xblairx

    hey chels. don’t ignore that feeling. i know you won’t, but just a reminder that i’m going to keep bugging you about it to see where it is taking you. i think we all get those leadings at some point in our lives because that is so central to who Jesus was, but often it’s real easy to get caught up in our own stories and drown out the voices of those crying out for help.

    p.s.- tell you dumb husband to call me…jk. my phone works, but i lost all the phone numbers in my contact list…so call me.


  4. Merlinhttp://www.xanga.com/Merlin86

    Hey!Good to hear about that all…
    Well, right now I have so many questions in my mind about my life and so on…there are some tests (problems), but I know that finally everything will be ok and that He is always there…
    Love you!


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