Spooky the Spider

I thought that I would introduce you to our new spidey friend. He made his home on our railing about a week ago. He fashioned together this handy little web to catch his food and then he hides in a hole in the railing and waits.

I like him.

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8 thoughts on “Spooky the Spider

  1. kamara

    do you name everything “spooky”?


  2. kelli

    i was wondering about that name as well.
    i like your spider though.
    and his fat belly.
    speaking of pics of fat bellies….
    new one sooooon?


  3. marnie

    you know this does not impress me.


  4. Riinahttp://www.xanga.com/Riina2108

    I like spiders but only if they are not in my room!
    Love you all!


  5. crystal

    I don’t like your spider, but it is a cool picture


  6. Kim

    I just don’t like spiders, even if they did come from God. I just don’t like them. I just can’t help it.


  7. Anonymous

    chelsey, i like him and i like that you like him


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