Happy Wednesday

Well, it feels like it has been a while. I’m feeling the pressure to write something but I guess I haven’t really had anything to say! It’s October now and it seems like September flew by. Now that everything has gotten going again in the fall it feels like I have something going on every night between homework, husband, youth, young adults, and anything spur of the moment.

Our anniversary was on Monday the 2nd. Two years. We spent the evening together eating at a harbourside restaurant and then enjoying the Victoria Symphony… that is until my back said that we could enjoy it no longer. I am now 27 weeks pregnant, on the brink of the 3rd trimester, and my back and my ligaments are letting me know it. Will I ever feel normal again? Still can’t complain, everything seems to be developing perfectly and according to “the norm” so that’s good.

You know, I was thinking last night how the first and foremost thing that God calls us to do is have a relationship with Him. That’s really all. But then I got to thinking about how we humans are actually pretty terrible at relationships; I mean, the most common comparisons of how our relationship with God should be is 1) Father/Child and 2) Husband/Wife. The single parent and divorce rate ought to tell us just how well we know how to keep those relationships healthy. No wonder we find it so hard to simply have a relationship with God! No wonder we felt like we should read the Bible like a sciencebook and reduce it to charts and graphs in order to feel like we are “good” with God. Anyway, God has me thinking about the whole Husband/Wife comparison a lot lately and He’s helping me to see that having a relationship isn’t some big flashy thing that I have to do, in fact, it should be more like how my relationship is with Peter. I felt a bit of relief there. I mean, marriage is tough sometimes, and I am still called to be selfless and serving, but this view of God sure beats the other view I had… you know the one where I think God is just waiting for me to screw up so that he can burn his rage against me?

Yeah, this one’s a lot better.

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One thought on “Happy Wednesday

  1. xblairx

    just for the record, my rage is burning against you at this very moment.

    love, blair


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