A God who is alive…

I feel that I must begin this blog with an apology because you were probably expecting to encounter more of Chelseys incredible gift of writing but unfortunately you are stuck with my writing(if you can call it that). Anyways, this is Peter. Yes, I know that it’s weird to see me posting a blog, but for some reason I felt like this was a good time to post blog #2. It only took me a year and a half to get to # 2. My title was going to be “I am alive”, as I never write anything on here and never find the time to sit down and email friends, but instead I felt “God is alive” would be more telling of what I feel like sharing with you. It will be nothing profound and definetely not as beautifully written as the one who usually writes these things(Chelsey), but here it goes. I was sitting in my office just now reflecting on my past weekend in Oregon with 6 of the teens from our youth group. We were attending FaithQuest which is a large youth retreat designed for teens who wish to be challenged and grow in their faith(450 teens attended). As we were driving down I had big hopes for the kids and the impact this weekend would have on them. Within hours of arriving I soon realized that God had plans for more than the teens. Within those first few hours I was overcome with the comfort of God’s presence and was amazed at how alive He is in our world. It would take me too long to try and explain how this happened and would then probably not make any sense to you so I won’t bother, but in case you have been wondering lately, God is most definitely alive and working in our world. I’ve seen Him in young and old people who’s lives are changed as they turn to follow God. I’ve seen Him in old people who have lived with sin for many years and have overcome a desperate struggle in order to realign their life with God. I’ve seen Him in the lives of those who have given themselves wholeheartedly to sharing the news of Gods grace with the world. I’ve seen him through the love, forgiveness, and acceptance found in most church families (And for those who may have just scoffed, you did hear me right, I have actually seen those characteristics displayed in many churches and I am only a Christian now because of it). I’ve seen Him through the beauty of His creation. In the prairies(yes their beautiful), the mountains, the ocean, wildlife, streams, and I’ve even seen the occasional beautiful person here or there. Actually, every person in the world is an amazing creation of Gods. For example, if you’ve experienced the wonder of watching your wifes belly grow knowing your little child is being knit together day by day, preparing to take its first breath outside the womb. And if you’ve sat in the doctors office at only 9 weeks while your child is only one inch long and heard its little heart(the size of an aspirin) beating and pumping blood through its miniature sized, rapidly developing body, then how could you not see a God who is alive, powerful, and at work in our world. This isn’t rhetorical, I would actually like an explanation if youve experienced this and still dont believe we are all created by a loving God.(peter@shelbournestreet.com). Anyways, it seems that everywhere I turn these days I am reminded of Gods power, creativity, and comforting presence. Having said all this, I dont know what its supposed to mean. I just thought I’d share my thoughts while I was thinking them. Thanks for listening.


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4 thoughts on “A God who is alive…

  1. Kim

    Aw…..Peter, that was so beautiful. I’m so proud of you and I love you!


  2. xblairx

    cool man. do this more often. i like the part about everyone being beautiful. in acts class tonight, i read peter’s statement about nobody being impure before God, and i thought that was pretty sweet. before God, we are all beautiful. pretty filmmaker, i know, but i love it.


  3. Jessie

    oh filmmaker…haha..good one blair…
    great blog though peter…i’m glad the weekend in Oregon went well for you.
    you and chelsey are such wonderful people and i am excited for you both all the blessings God has brought into your life (and most importantly, what is yet to come!)


  4. Dixie

    Just awesome, Pete! You are quite a wordsmith yourself!


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