Baby Chronicles

It might have been all the sugar that I had, but the baby was the most active yesterday to date. It bounced around in there all day long, especially when we went to the movie (I guess it likes Will Ferrell flicks). When we got home the baby was kicking so strongly that Peter was able to feel it for the first time.

I love it when you are so happy that you can’t help but laugh. Last night was one of those moments. Just laying there, feeling my little baby kick and punch me all night long made me smile, made me laugh, kept me from being able to sleep.

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5 thoughts on “Baby Chronicles

  1. Kim

    Now things will be even more exciting with the baby moving about. So glad that Peter got to feel the little one bouncing around. I hope it will bounce around for me too! It’s just all very wonderful!
    Love Mom


  2. Anonymous

    We are so happy for you Chels. I know what you mean.



  3. Kristi

    That is the best part! It is so fun to feel your little one exploring your belly!
    Take care and I am glad everything is going so well.

    Love Kristi


  4. xblairx

    you guys got to have a boy now to even out the boy:girl ratio in the new generation of roberts cousins. the pressure is on.


  5. Trinda

    Nevermind blair… will have whatever God has planned for you…hehe. That is so exciting. It is fun to hear you talkin about your new wee one!! Can’t wait!!



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