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8 thoughts on “July photo blog

  1. Kim

    So good to see you & Peter again! I see the baby…..and that’s very exciting!
    The twins are adorable too.
    Can’t wait until you come home and I’ll be counting down the days.
    Love Mom


  2. Anonymous

    Okay, you watched wedding crashers! did you guys also watch american pie 1, 2 and 3? I heard they were all done just as well!!


  3. dave

    sweet fawns


  4. marnie

    this made me so happy!
    you are so pretty & pregnant, and yet still fitting into those same jeans we both have the same of. impressive.
    have fun in saskatchewan, i cant wait to see you both in just under ONE MONTH. yes!
    love you,


  5. kelli

    hurray for tummy pics! i am glad you found your cord. you are so beautiful.


  6. Kristi

    The pictures are great! You look great
    Chelsey. Take care!


  7. LaVonne

    Absolutely beautiful! What a pretty mommy! The baby looks Great! Love, Dauphin Mom


  8. Merlin

    you are so sweet!


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