It’s 100 degrees out and you’ve got a sweater on…

Whatever happened to ‘The Promise Ring’? Haven’t heard much from them since Wood/Water… maybe that’s a good thing. Anyway I got to thinking of them because it’s so hot that one of their lyrics popped into my head (see title).

So it’s 33 degrees C and with the humidity its 37. Apparently that’s 91 degrees F. That’s almost a hundred degrees (and I’m glad that I haven’t seen anyone wearing sweaters). Yowzah. It’s the hottest day of the year here. Not a good day to forget your water bottle (which I did).

I also forgot to write about the earthquake that happened a few weeks ago. I guess I’m just so ‘island’ now that these things aren’t worth mentioning. A few weeks ago I experienced my first earthquake. I was sitting on the couch at work (how often does that happen) and I felt the whole building get lifted up, moved over and then put right back down again. So I asked my boss, “is there a train nearby?” because that’s the only thing in Saskatchewan that rattles buildings. It was a 3.7 on the Richter scale. Here is the report if you want more details.

Can’t wait til “the big one”, hey mom? Pfft… I’m too island to care.

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4 thoughts on “It’s 100 degrees out and you’ve got a sweater on…

  1. Kim

    Oh my goodness! I care lots about the “big one”! I also care about the small ones. Any hope that you can move back to Regina?


  2. .jeremy.

    hopefully the big one doesnt swallow the island into the pacific. that would be bad news. thats why i love regina. its not going anywhere.


  3. Craig & Leah

    ohhhh, your husband is home from camp….that’s why you haven’t blogged in awhile.
    I see….


  4. Kim

    Looking for an update…..but that’s okay. I guess you do have a life to live. Love ya!


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