sometimes i hate making titles

What a weekend. I’m exhausted.

We spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Roberts, Uncle Scott & Auntie Cindi, Uncle Kirk and Auntie Vivian and the cousins (too many to name). It was great. The Aunties helped me to sew my first two receiving blankets, which was my first sewing project EVER. And the ladies all had a great time at Fabricland, helping me pick out fabrics for the nursery bedding. I’ll be a sew-er extraordinaire before long.

Today I was able to sleep in for a bit and then my Nickie called me and we spent an hour trying to find somewhere to go for lunch. Actually most of that time was just spent trying to find somewhere to park. We ended up going to (boring) Boston Pizza, but it was okay because the parking was F R E E.

A picture from Elise’s baby shower on June 8 (almost a month ago).

Left to Right: Chelsey, Kelly, Cherie, Elise, Tami, Rachel, Lindsey.

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3 thoughts on “sometimes i hate making titles

  1. .manda.

    Chels, I want to see more pics of your growing tummy!! And… next time you see your cousin-in-law Josh, tell him I miss him and he needs to email me or something!


  2. Kim

    How great to be sewing – you talented lady. So glad you had a wonderful time with family. We visited Mike and Kim. So good to see them. So happy you connected with Nicki!
    Thinking of you this first day of your new position.
    Love Mom


  3. Merlin

    This is cool picture (y)


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