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#1. The Oilers came in second. Second. It sounds better than saying they lost. Second is pretty good in my books. It’s only one away from first. Way to go Oilers! I find that hockey fans tend to take an all-or-nothing-attitude. When the Oilers lost the first two games of the series how many people lost hope? How many people wrote them off and gave up? But they took it all the way to Game 7. And now: “they lost”. But really, they came in second. And they played (pretty) great. I mean they had to have played pretty great in order to make it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Annnnyway, I’m not the hugest hockey fan in the world so I’m gonna stop talking about it right away here, but I just think that we should end this season on a positive note… mostly because I know there are a lot of “broken-hearted” fans out there.

#2. I quit my job. I handed out 800 hundred resumes to 800 different childcare centres and I’ve been doing a little bit of subbing and have myself booked for dates in the summer. To be honest, I think it’s one of the best moves that I ever could’ve made. Now I’m getting my name out there and getting my foot in the door for when I am able to work full-time. Some positions are even opening up for permanent-part-time work and also another temporary position. The best part about it all is that every day I just have to trust in God and completely and faithfully rely on Him to provide the work for me, to provide for me. It’s been a really cool experience.

#3. I just ate a dried mango and it was delicious.

That is all I have to report.

Yes I know this had nothing to do with Stephen Colbert. The title was more to attact the attention of Blair. Hey Blair, how about a phone call? Miss you buddy.

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  1. Tim and/or Wyatt

    The Oilers are losers – but it was a good try I’ll give you that. Regarding quitting your job, to quote a Tim Horton’s Manager “I’m disappointed in you Chelsey” – just kidding – some jobs are made to quit – but that’s a good memory of you “terminating” your employment at TH. That’s all. Bye.


  2. dave

    I’m disappointed for sure.

    Just kidding, good move. For real. Don’t worry about clothes, because the sparrows still have lillies to eat, or something like that, look it up.

    That’s awesome that you’re coming to Seattle. To avoid any confusion though, I should let you know that that’s choir 28, and I travel with choir 27. I’ll be in the UK all fall. You should still go see them though, for real.


  3. Go 2 The John

    Dave is funny. I like him. How’s it going Dave?

    Chelsey is cool and Pete is neat.

    Tim is my Blog mentor and can’t be beat.

    When the Oilers lost I wanted to puke.

    I’m still new at commenting.

    I think I’m doing fine.


  4. kelli

    i was in your town the other day.. eesti-van.
    please post a new blog soon.
    i keep checking. but nothing new.

    ps. i posted a for real blog. you can even add me to your list.


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