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I’m reading The Power of Generosity by Dave Toycen. Here are some nuggets:

– “Generous acts have the unique ability to lift us to a higher level where we are more human, more the person we really want to be.”

“Generosity can truly be the mortar that binds us together as caring members of the human family.”

– “No one need despair that generosity is reserved only for those who have a good education or a special personality. Generosity is for everyone. All it takes is a willing spirit and the courage to be used for something greater than ourselves.”

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2 thoughts on “Book Promo

  1. Anonymous

    i wonder who gave you that wonderful book…heh heh…who is that great guy…


  2. Go 2 The John

    Speaking of generosity. . .

    So Chels, Ang and I have been wondering how the heck to make a blog roll or friends list. We are useless apparently and really need your generous help.

    Please rescue us and give us step by step instructions. . .

    Go OILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!



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