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This morning I worked at Starbucks. It was fun, as per usual. Then I walked to Kids Klub and I worked there and I found out that I now will be able to have Friday off, which is super great because I have to go to Burnaby with the youth group to be a chaperone for the Youth Rally. Before today, I couldn’t have it off and I would’ve had to have worked until 5:30 and then somehow made it to Burnaby after the rally had already started.

Then Pete picked me up from work and he told me that he had three surprises for me. I asked if one was a puppy. He said no. I said “Is it hairspray?” (I’ve been out for two days). He said no. I had to wait until we got home.

A new tripod in support of my future career in photography…

A new gizmo in support of my current career in coffee (and awesome baking talent).

Annnd he bought three new frying pans and a new cheese grater, but, despite the huge excitement I know they would emit, I didn’t really feel like pictures were necessary.

And after all of this I checked my email and there was the weekly newsletter from iTunes. These newsletters make me happy because they always have a free download every week. I like the free downloads because I feel like I am somehow cheating the system. It’ll probably take me 6 months to have one whole mix cd. Suckersssss.

Yesterday afternoon Pete and I went down to the beach and I collected seashells and coveted everyone else’s dogs. And I pet a few of them. They all looked so happy to be at the beach. I mean, who isn’t?

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10 thoughts on “Surprises surprises

  1. flipstudios

    hey chelsey, its andrew from kids klub. i’m trying to get in touch with you but i don’t have your number. can you call me at 479 1677 when you get this. thanks


  2. Jill Slywka

    surprises are the best. and you got three of them all at once. that is pretty great.


  3. xblairx

    hey, ummm, hudson is pregnant, so you can have his babies. don’t ask how i happened. it involved lots of tequila and a couple of cheese dogs, but that’s all i can say on that matter. he looks so cute with his pregnant belly.


  4. dave

    hey chelsey its dave and im not from kids klub and i’m not tryin to get in touch with you so dont call me ok.

    congrats on your surprises,
    and i respect you for downloading music with integrity.

    will you make me some sweet tim hortons coffee if i come visit at starbucks?


  5. Mom from Dauphin

    Okay, you guys are all crazy! Chelsey, great surprises, aren’t they fun once in awhile! Tell Pete, good job! Love Mom from Dauphin


  6. TamaLa

    Exciting surprises! Thanks for all your blogs….I miss your smile and silliness! It is nice to be able read about your daily adventures and thoughts. Enjoy those goodies and have a great day:)


  7. kristen

    if these were just surprizes what on earth is pete going to buy you for your birthday in 5 months and less than 17 days???? love you.


  8. Merlin

    You look so pretty on those pictures:)And it was nice to hear that peter suprised you with those things…
    Love you both !


  9. Iiris

    Love the pictures. They made me SO happy!


  10. Penny

    You are so precious and I sure love you. God Bless! penny =0)


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