The end of the week has arrived, also known as the week end.

1. So, there’s been this squirrel that keeps coming into our yard and it makes my cat, Spooky really feisty. She always chases after it, and even began climbing a tree to get that squirrel. Spooky is 13-years-old and quite spooky I guess, because the squirrel runs away from her. But it keeps coming back for more. Prancing in front of our patio door, taunting Spooky from behind the glass. I find it comical and I thought you should know.

2. Has anyone seen mine and Peter’s skateboards? They’ve gone missing. Haven’t seen them since before I went to Estonia, wondering if they are at anyone’s houses or under someone’s feet as they enjoy a day of skateboarding while we are unable to. I should probably say “while I am unable to” because Pete’s birthday is on Monday, for those who didn’t know, and he’s getting a little too old for that sort of thing anymore (ooh got ’em).

3. I’d really love it if everyone, that means you reading this now, made me a sweet surprise mix cd and dropped in the mail or hand-delivered it for my enjoyment. It would be great. Doesn’t have to be anything specific, just let me in on what you’re listening to these days or some old favourites or songs you think I would like or songs that express your platonic love for me and your ultimate poetic gratitude for our friendship, you know, whatever. Let’s share the music! Reward for those who comply. Seriously. Do it.

4. Annnnnnnnnnnnd that’s all. Have a good end of the week. You are dismissed.

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2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. dave

    as the first commenter i’d like to do this properly.

    1. speaking of Spooky… is Snake in victoria?? i haven’t seen him for almost a year and i’d like to know how he is. tell him to write.

    2. Pete’s old.

    3. Are you encouraging people to ILLEGALLY redistribute music? I thought you were a preacher or something.

    4. i have an idea… SPARK reunion tour 2007… think about it.


  2. Jill Slywka

    chelsey. i just listened to “holla back girl”, and it made me think of driving to the bowling alley in tallinn with you, peter and jon. and it made me smile. that was a good time. sometimes i wish i was getting ready to go back there this summer, or was just back there right now.

    anyways, just thought that i would share that with you. hope things are going good.


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