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6 thoughts on “The Summer of Weddings

  1. kelli

    am i the only one not getting married this summer?


  2. dave

    who does that


  3. xblairx

    what the….


  4. Mom in Dauphin

    Oh my goodness, let’s not rush the baby thing! Yes, it is true, Alvaro and Keri are tying the knot. Mom is anticipating a busy summer, but happy for my little girl! How did this happen so fast? It was just yesterday…,but how proud I am of her Godly and loving heart. And Alvaro is already one of our kids, he will fit in nicely!!!! We love his Godly heart too! What a couple they will be! I am still in recovery!!
    Love, the mom in Dauphin (nice pic.)


  5. Kim

    Wow! Congrats to Keri-Lyn & Alvero! LaVonne, you have been a very busy “Mother of the Groom and now Bride”. It’s wonderful that they both have Godly and loving hearts! Congratulations to all involved! That’s a very nice picture you have of the happy couple Chels.
    Love Mom XOX


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