Yesterday we participated in being Tourists in Our Own Home Town. Basically, you spend $9 and you get this book of coupons for free and half price entrances to all the tourist attractions. It was Saturday and so it was busy so we didn’t get to do lots of the stuff we wanted to, but it was still a most excellent day.

The photos have captions that will explain it all.

Honorable mentions: The BC Royal Museum had Linda McCartney’s Sixities Exhibit, which is basically a ton of photos of famous artists of the time, and obviously a lot of Beatles stuff. Kamara you would’ve loved to have been there. Next we went to the IMAX and watched this movie about going to the moon and it was pretty cool. Eating at the German Schnitzel House was pretty sweet. And of course the wonderful baby goats that we saw in the petting zoo. Kelli. I know exactly what you would’ve been saying if you were there. (Oh they’re soooo cute!)

(Those are mountains in the background)

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2 thoughts on “Schnitzel.

  1. kelli

    awwww, they really are cute!
    i guess i should’ve checked your blog before i emailed, then i woulda known you are done your practicum. oh well. so, i will call you before work one day. sound good? can’t wait.


  2. brianne

    the goats are really cute. i’m getting a mini donkey one day.


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