Christmas Day

Mom woke Peter and I up at 8:30 by saying “Merry Christmas!” and knocking lots on the door. I think I just said, “Okayyyy”. We went upstairs where all of our presents were waiting for us in a pile. My mom loves Christmas. Then we each took a turn opening a present (starting with me) until all the presents were gone. It was a lot more fun than ripping them all open at once and it’s done in 5 minutes.

After we opened our presents and cleaned up the wrapping, we ate a big breakfast. Then of course we started making phone calls to all of our other family members.

Then it seemed like we waited. We waited and waited and waited for my stepbrother, Carlos, his wife, Dawn, and my sweet little nephew, Brady. And also for my Grandpa Wylie and my Grandma Thelma, and my mom’s friend Marilyn, her husband, Abe, and their daughter, Amanda. And of course everyone came at the same time and the house seemed to be buzzing. And it buzzed all through supper and on to 10:00 PM. It was a pretty long day but it was really good. I got lots of sweet hugs and kisses from Brady and we played all night long.

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Brady (16-months) and Auntie Chelsey

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