northern lights

Our first picture together!


Last night at 1AM my dad got called out to go to work. He’s a drill stem tester. I still don’t have a clear idea of what he does. But that’s what he is, a drill stem tester. I visited him while he made sandwiches and packed his lunch, before he rushed out the door. In his haste, he forgot to take his invoice book with him out to the rig. Today Peter and I took a road trip out to bring it to him.

Tonight we are going to have a big family supper at the Northern Lights restaurant. It’s just outside of Sherwood, North Dakota. At least it used to be. Maybe it’s moved somewhere else now. My Aunt Alana, Uncle Brad, cousins Alexa and Cassidy, and my grandma and my stepmom are all going to be there. My dad can’t come because he’s still at work.

My dad, Kent, on-site.

Today I tried on my dad’s old jacket from when he played hockey. It’s a sweet jacket. I think I might ask him for it.

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  1. Marilyn

    Merry Christmas Peter and Chelsey,
    Good to see and hear that you are having a good visit with family during this holiday season. Hope to get a visit in with you both before you head for the coast.
    Take care Love Auntie Marilyn


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