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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Christmas Day

Mom woke Peter and I up at 8:30 by saying “Merry Christmas!” and knocking lots on the door. I think I just said, “Okayyyy”. We went upstairs where all of our presents were waiting for us in a pile. My mom loves Christmas. Then we each took a turn opening a present (starting with me) […]

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More photos from when we were in Carnduff

I tried to post these the other day but they just didn’t work. Fandangled technologies. (did you know that fandangled means an elaborate but useless ornament?) The whole crew who went for supper at the Northern Lights on Tuesday when we were in Carnduff. L to R: Dixie (stepmom), Alexa (cousin), Aunt Alana, Uncle Brad, […]

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Calgary vs. Vancouver

I have surprised myself. I have watched part of one world junior preliminary games and part of tonight’s NHL game, Calgary vs. Vancouver. I have to admit that when I came home tonight from Adam and Trinda Jocelyn’s, and I could hear the hockey game from the front door of my mom and Randy’s house… […]

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northern lights

Our first picture together! MGR Last night at 1AM my dad got called out to go to work. He’s a drill stem tester. I still don’t have a clear idea of what he does. But that’s what he is, a drill stem tester. I visited him while he made sandwiches and packed his lunch, before […]

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small town life

Right now I’m in Carnduff, SK, visiting my dad and my stepmom for Christmas. I went to Carievale (where I grew up) today to drop off my cat, Minou, at my aunt’s house. He’s going to try living there from now on. He had a very rough day meeting their two dogs and one cat. […]

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