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39 Weeks – Baby #4 Update

This pregnancy has been a pregnancy of lasts.  The last time I’ll hear a baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  The last time I’ll feel those first flutters.  The last time I’ll wear these maternity pants (I’m okay with this one).  The last time I’ll wake up in the night because the baby is moving so much.

2015-01-27 02.36.05

I’m someone who really enjoys being pregnant.  It helps that I have always had relatively easy pregnancies with no complications, but I feel so completely special when I’m pregnant.  I feel a deep connection to God during pregnancy, I think because it truly is such a miraculous event.  I feel like a vessel for him, carrying and nourishing this tiny person that he created within me.  I also feel a connection with the history of womankind, participating in this sacred event that has been occurring within women since the beginning of time.  When I delivered Ezra completely naturally, all 10 pounds 11 ounces of him, I remember feeling a connection to all the women in the past who had no choice but to do it that way.  I marveled in the way our bodies work, the way we are able to carry and grow human beings, the way our bodies contract to bring the baby out, and the way that natural instinct takes over, the way we are able to feed our babies from our bodies, and the way our bodies heal and resume.

2015-01-27 02.36.24

I started to write a pregnancy update when I was in the 39th week of pregnancy, which ended up being my last week of pregnancy as our sweet girl wasborn the day before her due date.  That week and in the week prior I had been suffering some pregnancy insomnia as I awaited labor.  Having done it three times already and feeling a deep, spiritual connection through labor does not mean that labor is any less difficult and I was feeling some anxiety as I anticipated the big event.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep, or else a child would deliberately wake me up or husband accidentally, and that would be it for me for the night.  Eventually I started to sleep in the spare room, trying to hide myself from any interruptions.

2015-01-27 02.36.40

At that point, I started to have very bittersweet feelings as I looked forward to the difficulty of labor being over, meeting our baby, and having all the unknowns of the birth story be known (When will it happen? Where will I be?  How fast will it be?  Will we make it to the hospital on time?  Will everything be okay?) but also wanted to stay right here in the moment, full of hopeful anticipation as we await the birth of a new life, marveling in wonder with each kick and movement.

So here is another last — the last pregnancy update, the one I never got around to typing.

2015-01-27 02.37.07

39 weeks – the baby apps tell me she’s the size of a watermelon.  I keep getting scared about how big she might be.  Scared I’m going to go overdue again like with Ezra and have a 18 pound baby or something.  Isaac was born at 38 weeks and Eva 38 and 5 days, so by 39 weeks I was telling people “the last time I was pregnant for this long, I went 9 days overdue!”  I was having lots of heartburn, not sleeping much, and feeling the nesting urges.  Around 38 or 39 weeks it became top priority that I find replacement batteries for the thermometers we’ve had laying around here that have never worked since their original batteries died.  I was on the phone with Staples and Future Shop, and I already knew Superstore and Wal-Mart didn’t carry them.  Found them on Amazon.  I was crocheting up a storm; I made a little dress and bonnet, tried making booties (two different patterns didn’t work out, so I gave up on those), made 2 hats and 3 soother clips.  I sewed some dresses for Eva that I had cut out last Spring and still hadn’t gotten around to sewing yet, two jersey knit hats, a soother clip, and then on my, unbeknownst to me, last day of pregnancy, I sewed up a little dress for baby too.  I felt the need to clean everything all the time, every night before bed I wanted all the ducks in a row because what would the baby think if she came home to a messy house?

And then, on that last day of my 39th week, I woke up with contractions… and the rest, is history.

(All images from 34 weeks of pregnancy)

January 7 – 20


Here are my Project Life pages from the last two weeks!


The First Week of January

Woohoo, welcome 2015! I am excited for a fresh new year! You may remember a couple of years ago, I took a daily photo of my kids or whatever we were doing that day. I recently went through all those photos and loved how they documented my year (especially since it was Isaac’s first!) and so I have decided to do it again this year! Documenting (in all sorts of ways) is a big goal of mine this year, so I hope to post lots here this year!

Here is our first week of photos, January 1-6.


I also wanted to share a little collage I made about our trip to the zoo with Peter’s brother Mark and his kids Kiara & Kori while they were here visiting us!  We got to have them to ourselves in Calgary for a whole weekend and it was so awesome to get that one-on-one time with them.


Paris – Day 2

We made our way to the Louvre on the morning of our second day. We wondered if maybe it wouldn’t be that busy since it was a Thursday in October but we were wrong. It’s the Louvre! I think that place must be busy 24/7.
I don’t know a more overwhelming museum than the Louvre. The building itself is basically a historical artifact and it is just room after room, floor after floor of history, artifacts, and artwork — and it totally reminds me of what a small speck I am in this thing called life.










Mona Lisa had a new location since the last time I was here (as did the Venus de Milo) and people are just crazy about her as you can see in the above photo.


We couldn’t sleep until 3am the night before (we are totally feeling the jet lag this trip) and after a few hours of walking the Louvre we both stole a teeny little nap on a chair in one of the galleries!









Baby #4 is at 23 weeks in these pics, she has no idea where she even is in the world! And I just love seeing Napoleon’s apartments. It is so neat to think of what went on in these very rooms so many years ago.





After touring the museum until late into the afternoon we grabbed a quick lunch in the Jardin des Tuileries.




We walked across Pont des Arts, a bridge where many lovers go to attach a lock with their names on it to symbolize their forever love. Unfortunately for us, the bridge is so full of locks they are no longer accepting any more locks. Sure hope our love can survive without having placed a lock there!!





We walked to Notre Dame but we were too late to go up the bell tower so we walked over to the Latin Quarter, home to a number of higher education establishments and named for the international learning language of the Middle Ages: Latin.





Finally, we ended our day at a café near to our apartment called La Pierrot, for some creme brûlée.



All of these photos are a bit out of order but it’s the best I can do, posting from my iPhone!

Paris Day 1






We started in Calgary and flew to London Heathrow, then made a connection to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Everything was really uneventful with our flights, just the way we like them! I have so many memories of Heathrow, it was fun to be back again. It is always the gateway to something exciting for us! When we landed in Paris we dealt with “baggage” loss, which was just our huge umbrella, and then caught the RER B train to Denfert Rochereau, the 6 Metro to La Motte-Picquet Grenelle and then the 8 Metro one stop to Commerce.

I felt so bad because we were so late and our Air BNB host had been waiting for so long for us! She was so kind and helpful and walked us to the apartment to give us the tour and show us around. We had been looking on Google Street View at the neighborhood before we came so it was so fun to see it all in person, smell the smells and hear the sounds.


Once we ditched our bags we grabbed supper (from Subway of all places! It was late, we were tired and starving, and it was closest) and walked to the Eiffel Tower to eat our sandwiches in the grass.


We lost count of how many people try to sell us things while we were there: roses, bottles of wine, souvineers, and these glowing helicoptery type things you throw in the air. They would serious just come right up and shove roses in my face, trying to get us to buy them. Non, merci!

We walked back to the apartment and went to sleep, and we were exhausted after not getting much sleep on our overnight flight to London.

On the morning of our first full day, we woke at 9… A bit later than we wanted to but we obviously needed the rest, especially this 23 week pregnant lady here. My feet and ankles were so swollen from the flights and all the sitting and they sure were happy that I was getting a good night’s rest.

We got ready and walked just down the street to the Franprix grocery store and bought a bunch of food for breakfast, snacks and a supper. We came back and Peter made us a big brunch.


Then we headed out again and explored some of the shops in our neighborhood as we made our way to Les Invalides where we toured the Army museum and saw Napoleon’s tomb. We got the 6 day museum pass so we could take our time and explore lots we had never seen before (like Les Invalides).





I love walking the streets of Paris. The hustle and bustle of traffic, the click-clack of all the high heels, the sirens, the French language… Surrounded by beautiful architecture and parks.







We made our way to Musée Rodin and took in many amazing sculptures and paintings, including a few Van Goghs.







After that, we walked through more Parisian streets, across the Seine River to Place de la Concorde and down the Champs Élysées. We stopped on the Champs for a baguette sandwich and cafè au lait.





We walked all the way to the Arc de Triomphe and since we had our museum pass we went right up to the top for the first time. Just 284 winding stairs, that’s all! I may have had to stop a few times.










It started to rain so we came in after spending quite a while at the top of the Arc and then we took the Metro “home”. We decided we would make ourselves a pasta supper, and we really weren’t expecting much but it was so tasty! Peter also had olives & cheese and some red wine, none of which I could participate in because duh, wine & pregnancy don’t mix, but also you are supposed to be careful what soft cheeses you eat while pregnant and also, I don’t like olives! So we ate our candlelight supper by the window, listened to Yann Tiersen (Amelie Soundtrack) and the rain on the street. It was so nice!



We are so happy we booked with Air BNB and get to live like Parisians while we are here. After supper we took a late night walk through the neighborhood, once it stopped raining. Perfect end to a lovely first day.


(All iPhone images)

I’m 30 — My Amazing Birthday Week!

I turned 30 last Sunday and I had such an amazing birthday week!  I love birthdays, even though I’m technically old and grown up, I still think it’s wonderful to have a day of your very own to be appreciated and feel special.  It’s even better if you can stretch it out over a week of celebrating with different friends and family :)

This milestone birthday celebration started the Friday before my birthday when my lovely sister-in-law, Joylyn, took me out to the Keg for supper (and paid for it, what a sweetheart!).  My cousin-in-law, Bethany, came along for the festivities and we had such a nice girl’s night out.  MMmmm I had spinach salad and the filet classic (wrapped in applewood smoked bacon), double stuffed baked potato and veggies, and then they brought this huge mocha ice cream cake that was big enough for 3 to enjoy.  The waiter also guessed that I was 24, so that was pretty nice.  He also probably wanted a good tip!



This is me on the day I was born, being held by my uncle.  My first photograph.



The boys woke me up at 6am on my birthday but since it was a Sunday, Peter was already awake and told me to go back to bed.  I reset my alarm for 7:00 (which I slept through) and was woken up by my husband and 3 lovely children at 7:20 who came into the room singing Happy Birthday!  They had a homemade card for me and Peter had interviewed Eva and Ezra about me.  Inside the card was also tickets to go see So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Tour in February!  We have been watching that show for years now and I am so excited to go see the Top Ten dancers live!  It’s on February 8, and my due date is February 2 so I’m expecting to either be going with a brand new babe in tow or else the dances better move me into labor because I’ll be overdue.

Peter had to leave for church set up and my 7.5 year old daughter Eva made me birthday pancakes all by her very self!  She was so pleased with herself and so was I!  She wants to make pancakes all the time now!



I went to the Kick Off Sunday for Northern Hills Church and was expecting to be volunteering in class all morning but ended up being able to go to the worship service instead, which was really nice because my sister-in-law is new in town and new to our church and I wanted to sit with her and also my dear friend Dayna was visiting our church for the very first time and I wanted to be able to be with her as well!  Joylyn surprised me with an Oprah Chai Latte because she remembered that I mentioned on Friday at The Keg that I had never tried it before.



After church was done I told the kids that I would take them to McDonalds.  I was expecting all the birthday festivities to be over but Peter told me that he would like us all to go to Boston Pizza as a family for a sit down lunch.  So the kids were disappointed but I was looking forward to lunch together as a family.  We waited for Peter to be done take-down of the church stuff and we walked over to Boston Pizza and I was greeted by a room of 23 people who were all there to celebrate with me!  Surprise!  I love surprises.  Please surprise me with gifts and celebrations anytime, people.  I felt so very special that all these people came to have lunch with us!  There were more people who showed up after this picture was taken.




Me with my friend Dayna :)



After lunch, some friends ran up to me with a can of Coke with my name on it!  And it was even spelled properly!  Apparently there was a Coke truck parked right outside the theatre where we have church and you can type the names you want into a computer and it prints it onto the can for you!  We got in line and had some made for the whole family!  I don’t drink Coke anymore (been over two years now!) but I still really appreciated the gesture!


I’ve embraced turning 30 by having fun dressing up and trying out new makeup.  I had fun getting dressed up for this special occasion.  When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a grown up and wearing heels but I have never felt comfortable wearing them before.  Now that I’m 30, I’m finally the woman in heels I’ve always wanted to be ;)



Here’s baby #4.  I was one day away from being 20 weeks on my 30th birthday.  I spent the afternoon relaxing at home, assuming the celebrations were over!  I checked in on all my Facebook messages (thanks everyone!), opened some gifts and responded to texts.  I felt very loved!  I spent some time Face Timing my mother-in-law and then there was a ring of the doorbell and my sister-in-law was there apparently to babysit so Peter and I could go out on yet another date!IMG_4222.JPG

He took me downtown to a restaurant called Cibo on 17th Ave.  During supper Peter pulled out one more surprise, the mother of all surprises, four papers folded up.  I opened them up to discover 4 different travel itineraries — Los Angeles, Paris, Rome or Venice — for me to choose from.  The choice was to be all mine, and we were going to leave some time in October.  Peter had mentioned before the summer that we might go somewhere for our tenth anniversary but after buying a house and doing some renovations, I was very convinced that the trip was no longer going to happen!  So even though the possibility of a big trip had been mentioned before, I was still very surprised!  (Of course, I chose Paris and we are leaving on October 6!!!)



On Friday the 19th I had my 18-20 week anatomical ultrasound.  I was 20 weeks and 5 days.  I waited so long because I wasn’t sure when Peter would be back from his hunting trip and also I wanted the baby to be as developed as possible so we could clearly see the gender.  I have no idea if its any more developed by 20 weeks than 18, but I did it anyway.  In Alberta they make you drink 1 litre of water 2 hours before the ultrasound and it’s very cruel.  Every bump in the road on the way there makes you feel like you are going to wet yourself.



I took this photo before I knew the gender.  I feel like pretty much everyone knows how badly I’ve wanted a girl, and for how long.  Especially after having two boys, I definitely felt like it would be perfect to have this baby be a girl and really round our family out.  I was so anxious to find out the results!  The ultrasound felt really long, but it was so amazing.  It really is just so special to see your baby on the screen like that, moving around and waving.  It is so amazing that they can look so closely at their heart, kidneys, their brain, their limbs.  As far as I can tell from the ultrasound, everything is healthy with this sweet baby and the icing on the cake was at the end when she said “It’s a girl!”  I still get nervous to embrace that this is the truth because I wanted it so badly, but I took a detailed look at what she showed us on the screen.  I’ve seen boys on the screen the past two ultrasounds, and this looked nothing like that!




It was the perfect gift to end my birthday week, I couldn’t stop smiling all day after my ultrasound, and my heart bursts over and over again as I remember that the baby is a girl.



So I think it’s easy to see that this is easily the best birthday I have ever had.  I’m truly looking forward to my 30s.  I have so much more confidence than when I was 20, and the 20s held so many awesome things — I can’t wait to see what the 30s bring!  And baby, I can’t wait to meet you, but first lets go to Paris!

We are having a 4th baby!

IMG_1185So this has been official for quite a while but I’ve never posted anything about it on the blog!  Poor 4th baby doesn’t even get a blog post until I’m already 18 weeks.  That’s right, I’m 18 weeks now, which means I’m like, super duper close to being half way through this pregnancy already!  This feels crazy.

I find that people are really nosy about this sort of thing and I’m kinda an open book anyway, so without giving too much information I’ll just say we weren’t trying but we weren’t not trying.  And as for myself, this 4th baby was very much desired and wanted, but I was sure this baby was not meant to be since Peter was pretty ready to move on from the baby phase of life and move into the older kids phase.  I got a positive pregnancy test on May 31 and could hardly believe my eyes, only because I was so sure that I would never get to experience all of this again.  One thing that I have been loving about this pregnancy is that I know for sure that this is the last time, and I’m totally trying to savor every last first I experience.

I read this book a while ago called Great With Child which was a beautiful memoir of the author’s final pregnancy and I really wanted to write something like that for myself so that I could always remember all the details (and maybe someday Eva would like to read it when she is preparing to become a mother).  But I already have 3 kids, we are church planters and homeschoolers and we were also in the process of selling and buying a house, as well as hello I was pregnant and soooo tired and not feeling well.  It just didn’t happen.  That’s ok.

So I was doing a whole30 challenge when I found out I was pregnant and I was doing awesome at it and feeling great!  I was excited what a great, healthy start this baby was getting — until about 6 weeks into the pregnancy, the baby said “Hey I’m kinda tired of all these vegetables and meat you’re eating and I really just want you to eat bread, crackers and sugar for a while.”  I have never been very sick in my pregnancies, in the sense that I don’t throw up a lot.  But I do have a general nausea that is there all day, the smell of food repulses me, and I feel tired.  I only threw up once (well twice, but within 20 minutes of each other) but I felt sick almost all day long and even though I feel better now, my taste buds have not gone back to normal and certain foods that I used to love no longer turn my crank, although I could eat them if I had to.

There were times in the first trimester that I just felt completely exhausted.  I needed to have little naps in the afternoon, or big ones, if Peter was available to watch the others.  Sometimes I just grabbed cat naps on the couch while the kids played around me or watched movies.  A few times I even had more than one cat nap in a day which is totally odd for me.  If I wasn’t falling asleep, I felt completely draggy — just no energy to do anything, everything felt like a massive chore and took me so long to do because I just felt so tired!  At times I felt like this baby was trying to kill me.

Around 10 weeks I started to feel better, no more day-long nausea, and not needing a nap as much.  I just felt my general mom-of-3-kids-church-planting-wife tired like I normally do.

I think we made it Facebook official around 7-8 weeks with that picture of pickles and ice cream up there, but we told friends and family earlier than that.  We have always told early; this was actually the latest we’ve ever made it public knowledge.

At 10 weeks I had my first midwife appointment and was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat which is just always so amazing.  The moments of waiting and waiting for that unique whirring noise of a tiny baby’s even tinier heart, and then suddenly, there it is “whoosh-whoosh-whoosh”.  I was smiling for the rest of the day after that.  I recorded it with my iPhone and Isaac loved to listen to it over and over:  “Wan hear baby haht, mommy, baby in yo tummy!”  He also said it was “kinda keepy (creepy)” haha.

I felt such a relief when I passed the first trimester and was 14 weeks.  I have never miscarried but I feel I get a little more nervous with each pregnancy that not all will be well with the baby — surely I can’t luck out and have healthy babies this many times?  It just seems you hear so many sad stories, sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for my turn.  But now I am in the second trimester and the risk is way down, and that feels great.

I felt the baby move for the very first time when I was 15 weeks, I was laying in the middle of the stairwell (weird, I know, but I was escaping the children who were exasperating me) and suddenly I felt this fluttery little movement in my tummy.  I didn’t even recognize that it was the baby at first but my heart filled to the brim when I realized what it was!  The movements were few and far between at first, but now that I am 18 weeks, the baby is starting to move more and more and I just love the feeling.  It has always been my favorite, it is just so amazing to think of that little baby in there stretching and moving around.

My next midwife appointment is tomorrow, I go once a month at this point, and my ultrasound is in a few weeks.  Can’t wait to see the little bean on the screen!

As for having 4 kids, I’m completely terrified and elated at the same time.  Since I began dating Peter I have always dreamed of us having 4 kids, and this all honestly just feels so right to me.  That being said, I already have 3 kids and the struggle is real!!!  This Jim Gaffigan clip made me cry from laughing. It’s 7 minutes, but well worth your time especially if you have 3-4 kids of your own.


Stefi & Braden’s Wedding

Eva was a flower girl and the boys were ring bearers in Stefi and Braden’s AMAZING wedding at Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff this past weekend.  The kids hated me for it but I made them let me take some pictures of them in their adorable outfits.  I know they just had the hangries, they’re totally over it now.

13 4 5 6 7

Books I’ve Been Reading Lately

I’ve been reading Sarah Bessey’s blog for quite a while now and am such a fan of the way she beautifully strings her words together to express the beautiful, the powerful, the messy.  But I admit, even I wasn’t sure what I would think of her book “Jesus Feminist” because lets face it, we all have an idea in our minds of what that word feminism means.  Even though I felt like I knew Sarah’s heart because of how long I’d been reading her blog, I still was scared this was going to be a big Girl Power! book with a Jesusy twist, and wrought with cynicism and anger about how women have been treated in the church.  I should’ve known better.  “Jesus Feminist” reads like a deeply respectful conversation about the Bible’s view of women, each word penned with nothing but love.  I felt strongly convicted to bring my relationship with God to a more intimate place.  I felt deeply loved by the God who created me in His own image and inspired to pursue the purposes that he has for me within his church.  I think that any woman who reads this book will feel the same way.  Learn more about it here.  Go pick up your copy now!



I always kind of stayed away from the blog The Nester because, hello, have you seen my house?  I don’t really have a decorating bone in my body.  And the last thing I needed was a book making me feel like a failure with all these ideas that I would never follow through on because I couldn’t afford it.  But then, as advertising does, I started to see many of the blog authors I follow posting about “The Nesting Place” and finally I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to give it a chance — and I’m very glad I did.  Turns out, the author Myquillin Smith, is a renter who fully embraces imperfections and thinks that the home is really about the heart: “a place to connect with others, foster rest, inspire, and be a welcoming place to come back to.”  Myquillin gives a ton of suggestions, but also permission to not use the suggestions and go with something that is uniquely you if that is what feels right.  I feel more confident to let go of my fear of “what if it doesn’t work out?” after reading this book.  Honestly, a big part of me has never wanted to put much into my home because we are renting and I don’t feel like investing much in a house that we aren’t going to stay in.  After reading this book though, I feel inspired to make whatever house I’m living in a place of peace, connection, inspiration and love — for myself, my family and my guests.  And never forget “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”





About a year ago, I watched a Soul Pancake video about Zach Sobiech, a 17-year-old young man who was dying of osteosarcoma but not letting that stop him from living his life to the fullest.  I was deeply touched and inspired by this young man and his family as I watched this documentary and learned all about the songs he wrote and the impact he had on the world before he moved on from it.  As soon as I realized that the book “Fly A Little Higher” was a memoir written by Zach’s mom, Laura, I knew I wanted to read it right away.  I think I read this book within a day or two, it was so captivating, compelling, and inspiring!  There were many times that I would have to choke back my tears, I just cannot even imagine going through something like this with my own children — or how proud I would be of my child if they were to face their trials with such bravery, faith and selflessness.   Stories like this always make me think about my life and challenge my perspective for the better.  I definitely think anyone would enjoy this book (as much as you can enjoy a book about someone who is dying) and be inspired.





Here is the original SoulPancake documentary:

And a new documentary that I just found today while preparing to write this review, and will have to watch soon:


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received “The Nesting Place” free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Accountable Kids – Review

A couple of months ago I decided our family needed some help in the kids’ chore department.  A friend of mine had been using these really cool looking chore charts for her kids and was seeing great success so I asked her how it worked and decided I’d give it a try.  First I asked her a bunch of questions, then I checked out their website, and then decided to place an order.

The Program:

Accountable Kids is a program that teaches both responsibility AND accountability — so that you don’t have to keep nagging your kids!

The Accoutable Kids program uses what they call a Progress Board.  It is a wooden board with 5 pegs for hanging their reminder cards, completed chores, tickets, special date card and extra chores.


Here is how it works: the children have a set of chores for each part of the day: morning, afternoon and evening.  The chores are colour-coded so your child knows when they need to be completed, which is really helpful for little ones.  When they complete their basic chores (ones you are not willing to pay your children to do, but that they are expected to do as a contributing member of the family) on time, they get a ticket that they can use for activities and privileges.  Ticketed activities could include: television, movies, video games, computer, art projects, playing with friends, sleepovers, park trip, swimming, flying kites, trampoline time, etc.

For each day that they complete all of their chores (morning, afternoon and evening) they get a sticker on their special date card.  The date card is a way for them to earn a special date with mom and dad or a grandparent, and is a way to help them understand the process of working for delayed gratification.  If the child wants to do extra chores, like helping mom with laundry or washing floors, etc. then they can do so and receive a bonus buck.  You can choose the value of the bonus buck for whatever is appropriate for your child.

Our Experience:

Our daughter is 7 and so far is the only one we have on the Accountable Kids program.  I did purchase boards for my sons, 4 and 2, and will start my 4-year-old very soon.  I feel that my 2-year-old is too young at this point, but his board is ready for him as soon as he is able to participate.  Eva was so excited to get our Accountable Kids stuff because her friend had already been using the program and told her all about it.  She was so eager to get started and happily completed chores.  We have seen a great success with her and it has been so awesome to watch her completing the tasks on her own without reminders.  She carefully considers how she would like to spend her tickets and her time and realizes that if she doesn’t complete her tasks, she won’t get a ticket!  I love not having to keep reminding her to do chores, as well as the routine this program has created in our home.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started.  The progress board, all the cards, an entire book written on the program that answers any questions you might have, and a DVD with both a quick-start video and a more in-depth video.  The quick-start videos can be viewed here if you would like to take a better look.

In the end, I’m really happy with this program and give it 5 stars!